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We teach authentic Wing Chun martial arts with a modern approach, in a fun and friendly, safe environment. Adults and childrens classes, starting from 4 years and above. Martial Arts Watford offers 2 weeks free training for new students.

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WingTjun martial arts is renown for being one of the most effective forms of self defence around today. It is taught to many of the special forces worldwide. Our training grading syllabus will teach you, kicking, punching, knees, elbows, anti-grappling, ground fighting. Advanced forms: Biu Tze and the WingTjun Wooden Dummy form and applications.

Martial Arts Watford

Our system teaches you to use the force and energy of your opponents strength to your advantage. So it is ideal for everyone from all walks of life. Making it a very safe and powerful form of martial arts.
  • aWe are part of the IWKA (Internal Wisdom & Knowledge Association) with schools in over 18 countries around the world.
  • bAt Martial Arts Watford we teach adult and children's classes starting from the age of 4 years+. Adults from 13+. Our grading will take you through students levels to master grades.
  • cContact us for 2 Weeks FREE training, Phone martial arts Watford on 0780 983 9527 Or email to enrol

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