• Martial art classes in Watford. WingTjun is a very powerful form of self defence. Learn to generate lots of power from your body and mind, to overcome someone who is bigger and stronger.

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  • Childrens martial arts, your child will increase their confidence, learn respect, in a friendly and fun environment. Classes in Watford.

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  • Our extensive training program will guide you though our student grades, Black belt and to Master levels. Our classes are taught in a fun and friendly environment.

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  • Enrol for 2 weeks free training


  • Enrol for 2 week free training at IWKA Martial Arts Watford

    • IWKA Martial Arts Watford

      WingTjun is known as a soft martial art, we use the energy from the attacker against them. Making it very difficult for them to land a punch or kick.

      You will learn to defend strong punches and kicks using very little energy.
      Develop punches which are very hard and heavy yet light to throw.

      Our internal energy training will enable you to defend against someone who is much bigger and stronger.

      You can defend against all other styles of martial arts including street attacks.

    • Martial arts Watford

    • Wing Chun Watford

    • Childrens Martial Art Classes

      Your child can learn our WingTjun Martial Art system in Watford.

      The benefits of training kids WingTjun:

      • Increase your childs confidence
      • Learn to defend them-selves
      • Defend against Bullying
      • Full belt and grading program
      • Defend against weapons
      • Deal with day to day situation at home and school





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