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Martial Arts

We teach traditional WingTjun Martial Arts, in a fun and friendly environment. Adults and childrens classes, starting from 4 years and above. Martial Arts Watford offers 2 weeks free training for new students.

Martial Arts Watford

WingTjun is known as a soft martial art, we use the energy from the attacker against them. Making it very difficult for them to land a punch or kick. Our grading syllabus will take you through from student grade to master level.

Classes available for adults and children.

What Makes Our System Different

You will learn to defend strong punches and kicks using very little energy. Develop punches which are very hard and heavy yet light to throw.
  • aOur internal energy training will enable you to defend against someone who is much bigger and stronger.
  • bYou can defend against all other styles of martial arts including street attacks.
  • cThrow fast powerful punches from any angle and distance.

Martial Art Classes

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